Building a Better Body Image
Creating a Confident Community


Better Body Image Conference's mission is to create cultural and social change in the West Michigan community in the way bodies are viewed

This conference aims to:

  1. Respect and dignify everybody and every body in West Michigan by connecting individuals with resources and organizations in a comfortable, accessible environment

  2. Teach individuals how to discard negative self-talk and move past body preoccupation to lead healthy, fulfilled lives

  3. Support a thriving and vibrant community that places a high value on what its members feel, see, and do rather than how they look

Building a better body image is a social justice issue: No one should be denied access to resources based on their body, nor should individuals feel stifled or distressed by overwhelming body concerns.  

A better body image means better mental health, stronger community vitality, and empowered individuals!

Our Founders

Connie Flachs & Bri Luginbill