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The Better Body Image Ambassador (BBIA) Program is a way for individuals to be directly involved in the quest to create a community that encourages compassionate ways of relating to the body and values people for who they are before what they look like.

A Better Body Image Ambassador…

Wholeheartedly believes in the core values and message Better Body Image Grand Rapids promotes and strive to share this in their local community

The Pledge

As a Better Body Image Ambassador, I accept Better Body Image Grand Rapids’ mission to create cultural and social change in the West Michigan community in the way bodies are viewed.

I pledge to:

  • Offer respect and dignity to everybody and every body in West Michigan.Help connect individuals with resources and organizations that create a more peaceful relationship between individuals and their bodies.

  • Share strategies to help discard negative self-talk and move past body preoccupation towards healthy, fulfilled.

  • Commit to a minimum of one action per month that spreads the message of Better Body Image Grand Rapids:

    • Share post on social media.

    • Send emails about BBI event

    • Help put up flyers

    • Include us in a newsletter

    • Tell 5 friends about BBI

    • Host a BBI party at your house

    • And other  creative ideas!

  • Be an active part of the thriving and vibrant community of Better Body Image Grand Rapids!

I Pledge...

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